Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is the Block?
A series of buildings 4 to 25 storeys high on the site of Hannaford and Marshall stationery warehouse on the Bethnal Green Road. 360 residential units and 3,400 sqm of commercial floorspace. Architects Stock Woolstencroft. Developers Telford Homes and Genesis Partners (developers of the Mildmay Tower that was stopped last year) trading as Bishopsgate Apartments LLP.

This development would alter the character of the whole area at the north end of Brick Lane. It would block light from neighbouring properties and leave a stretch of the Bethnal Green Road in permanent shadow. The provision of public open space is low and of poor quality. This building is not needed for the regeneration of the area, as claimed by the developers. The scheme provides little for the local community.

It is premature until there is a publicly-approved masterplan for the whole area.

Who Is Save Shoreditch?
A growing group of people who live or work in the area, tenants' and residents' associations, small businesses and anyone with an interest or history in this neighbourhood. We say there should be immediate public involvement in the planning of the Shoreditch and Brick Lane area and that any development should respect the local environment and the real needs of the community.
Above images and text taken from Save Shoreditch website

North Brick Lane Residents Association is supporting the 'Save Shoreditch' campaign. For more information on how to get involved, the latest news and press coverage, how to download a poster and view the video, click on the link 'Save Shoreditch'.

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