Tuesday, March 18, 2008


On Sunday March 30 the North Brick Lane Residents Association linked up Rhoda St Green, Brick Lane, with three other green sites, Friends of Arnold Circus (the bandstand) the Wonder Garden (Rochelle School, CSV, BBC) and St Hilda’s Garden (St Hilda’s East Community Centre).

A book trail took people round the corners of Shoreditch with writers, activities and surprises. They listened to writers and contributors Michael Palin, Deborah Moggach, Manju Malhi, Coral Rumble, Dan Cruickshank, Toby Huges, Linda Wilkinson & many others talking about the book they love!

There were games, puzzles, book swapping, tea and cakes and a Tea Dance organised by Johnny Vercoutre of 'It's Always Time for Tea'. Plus put together especially for the event 'The Rhoda Street Recipe Book' - how to cope with food ration. See also link to 'Turn Over the Page'.

Photos by Chris Love

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