Friday, December 02, 2005

Tower Hamlets is in the process of producing new planing documents, known as a Local Development Framework, which are set to shape the Borough's future. The LDF will provide policy direction on a range of issues important for the borough. They're undertaking a 12-week consultation period from 30th September until 23rd December to get the communities view on their new planning documents.

Anyone who wants to comment on any of the policies will need to submit his/her representation by 4pm 23rd December 2005 for formal considerations. Officers will need to respond to each representation received. The LAP 1 and 2 first consultation event has taken place and addressed the three main issues (set by the LBTH): housing, employment and open spaces.

Did you know that:

1. Bishopsgate Goodsyard Development; mixture of office, retail units and housing. Planning to build 1,917 dwellings (x 3 people average per dwelling = almost 6,000 people)

2. LDF Plan has 0.5 hec per 1,000 people which is below UK average of 2 hec per 1,000

3. There are NO new green and open spaces marked in our area (Rhoda Street Green was not marked as green space)

4. The following city fringe areas are marked as preferred site for housing developments:
- Old Nichols Street 212 dwellings
- Rochelle Centre 77 dwellings
- Bishopgsgate East 679 dwellings
- Bishopsgate Goods Yard 1917 dwellings
- Mildmay hospital 240 dwellings*

* Mildmay hospital development - Demolition of existing buildings (excluding community centre) and a redevelopment to provide a campus of six buildings comprising a part five, part six storey building along Hackney Road to provide:
- a new church and retail space (class A1 to A5) with residential units above
- a five storey building to provide offices with residential units above
- a six storey building along Austin Street to provide a Primary Care Centre and residential units
- three storey town houses along Austin Street with adjoining commercial/retail premises (Class B1/A1 to A5)
- a 23 storey residential building incorporating social services facilities and a four storey hospital facility and detox unit
- parking, servicing and cycle bay provision, landscaping and highways works

The actual document is a large document that you need to purchase from the council. Alternatively you can look into it at the Idea stores and libraries. Or you can download it from the website. See the link at the top of the page.